Robert Lane began his creative career in New York City during the mid 1980’s. He worked as a commercial print and fashion photographer for leading magazines and national-campaign advertisements.  Robert quickly emerged as one of the leading “generalist” photographers specializing in natural lighting. His client-base ranged from international cosmetic companies to the aviation marketplace.

After successfully migrating to filmmaking in the mid ’90’s, Lane created and published the first multi-disk DVD instructional about photography entitled, “Photos in a Flash”, a highly innovative product both in it’s scope and unique user-controlled features.

In the early 2000’s Lane became one the worlds first self-made experts in independent High Definition filmmaking. His successes were widespread and resulted in his being contracted by Panasonic in 2007 to travel the US to share his expertise with the rest of the indie filmmaking community.

Foto Forum is proud to include Robert Lane as our DSLR Video and Filmmaking instructor.