6-15 – Sat – Sensor Cleaning Seminar

$ 49.99


Sensor cleaning is as, if not more imperative than maintaining the optics. Since the development of digital photography, photographers now need to keep clean more than you lenses; DSLR’s capture sensor is delicate, but also needs to be properly cleaned and maintained.

Learn to clean your DSLR camera and sensor confidently and safely. Your instructor, Greg, has been keeping sensors clean since the infancy of digital photography. He knows all the tricks and all the pitfalls. He’ll give you the confidence to do the job, safely and efficiently. You will learn by cleaning your own camera while we will play with almost every cleaning device on the market. The cost of the class is less than one professional cleaning, and all materials will be supplied.

Please bring your camera to the class with a fully charged battery – most cameras will not allow cleaning with a weak battery!


Instructor: Greg

Class Begins promptly at 9 AM

Call (602) 263-0084 for more information